our Mission

Accurate home data, direct from the source


Now that lenders are playing a much larger role in the loan disclosure process, there is a much higher need for compliance assistance from partners like Xource.

Xource offers fully customizable packages, making our home data easily and readily accessible. This enables clients to be fully informed with the most accurate, direct information on the market. The work that we do to provide a true home data source means that clients don’t need to worry about the integrity or quality of data that they receive.

We work hand in hand with Home Inspectors who are out on the ground gathering and accumulating data from every property that they are inside and inspecting. This close relationship with inspectors gives us the best data in the industry. We work closely with our clients to give them the tailored data that they require, effectively appeasing federal regulatory requirements (specifically TRID) while also meeting the needs of individual corporate policies.

And with even more regulations anticipated in the coming years, Xource is prepared to adapt. We keep a fully staffed team at the ready to mitigate any issues. Because of our direct client relationships, any compliance issues that arise are handled directly, in a quick manner, and done so in-house.

Xource also specializes in providing services for title and settlement agents, which includes data regarding the following topics.

We provide:

Data we provide:

  • Escrow Fees
  • Title Endorsements
  • Settlement Service Fees
  • Lender and Owner Title Insurance Premiums
  • Lender Title Reissue Rates

Inspection Information:

  • septic systems
  • radon
  • certifications
  • termites and general pests
  • wells
  • roofing
  • water tests
  • smoke detectors
  • structural quality
  • mold
  • and repair cost estimation


  • Innovative technology solutions
  • Customizable monitoring solutions

  • A direct client relationship

  • Ultra fast processing speeds

  • Leader in the home data industry since 1979

Ease of Use

Our home data is easy to use and quickly accessible. Through our AWS infrastructure we offer nationwide distribution of the data to decrease the time it takes to access the information. We work closely with our clients to ensure that access to our data is available as efficiently as possible within the individual client's corporate requirements. We offer instant access to our data, enabling lenders to easily and successfully comply with the 3-day review periods required by TRID. In addition, our team of developers offers 24/7 support and flexibility to meet client’s needs.

Xource access includes, but is not limited to:

  • XML
  • DLL
  • API
  • Pay per use



Xource offers a unique experience. Our data comes directly from the source, and is proprietary data that no one else can offer. We are flexible and adaptable and able to provide multiple types of data to meet whatever your corporate structure dictates. We work with our inspectors to ensure we collect and deliver the exact data you need. We are able to customize the data that we collect and deliver, offering flexibility that can adapt to all sizes and requests.